We developed a liver-on-a-chip to simulate liver sinusoid, which incorporated 4 kinds of hepatic cells and artificial bile duct. On the basis of this liver-on-a-chip, we investigated the hepatotoxicity induced by drug-drug interaction and developed a disease model of alcoholic liver. Recently, we are invited to publish a review article about liver-on-a-chip on Micromachine (Micromachine, 2019,10, 676).

Intestinal chip

We collaborated with IPE, CAS, and developed a peristaltic human gut-vessel microsystem for studying host–microbial interaction. On the basis of this device, we found that Lactobacillus casei was able to relieve the intestinal damage caused by E.coli.More is coming.

Diabetes chip

We developed a two-organ-on-a-chip incorporating adipocytes and INS-1 cells, and simulated the pathogenesis of Type II diabetes, which was useful for assessment of the mechanism of treatment of type 2 diabetes by selected drugs.